framed honey~Unpasteurized Honey~

We keep bees here on our farm in Prince Edward County, Ontario.  We have our beehives on other farms as well to pollinate a variety of crops.  Honey is different every time we harvest it because the variety of flowers is always changing.  All of our honey is unpasteurized to preserve the beneficial properties.  We only use glass jars to package our honey.  Honey crystalizes naturally but can be liquified easily by placing the jar in a bowl of warm water. 

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167g wildflower honey $4.oo

333g honey $6.50

honey bear

honey bear 398g


Please take care of this bear.

167g cinnamon honey

167g cinnamon honey


We combine ground cinnamon with wildflower honey for the ultimate cinnamon toast topping.  Our kids eat cinnamon honey exclusively.

333g cinnamon honey $7.50

cinnamon honey bear $9.00

167g ginger honey  $4.50

333g ginger honey $7.50

167g buckwheat honey $7.00

333g buckwheat honey $12.00

buckwheat honey bear 398g


This is honey made from the nectar of the buckwheat flowers grown by Cherry Vale Organic Farm.

500g honey500g honey $8.50

Our bees forage on wildflowers, trees, herbs and vegetable blossoms to make a unique honey that is different every time we harvest.

1kg honey $15.00

167g chocolate honey  $4.50

333g chocolate honey $7.50

167g cranberry honey $4.50


333g cranberry honey $7.50

cranberry honey bear 398g


We grind dried cranberries and blend them with wildflower honey for a sweet and sour combo.
lavender honey

167g lavender honey $7.00

We put some of our beehives on the Prince Edward County Lavender Farm where our bees foraged on lavender blossoms and made this incredibly light delicate honey.

three honey in a box

Honey Box Set $16.00

Three 167g jars of honey in a dark brown gift box - hand stamped with our lovely logo.  You get wildflower, your choice of lavender or buckwheat and your choice of cinnamon, chocolate, ginger or cranberry.

Makes a great gift!

Brightly coloured beehives.

Honey in the comb.


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