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Baby Bum Balm 135 $16.00 Gentle and soothing for your sweet baby's bottom. Contains hand gathered, organically grown calendula, plantain and yarrow steeped in organic sunflower oil with beeswax, vitamin E, zinc and lavender essential oil.

Gardeners' Salve 134 $16.00 mullein, plantain and burdock steeped in organic sunflower oil with beeswax and sweet fennel essential oil make a nourishing and revitalizing salve for the gardener's hard working hands.

Goldenrod Muscle Rub 237 $16.00 Rub this salve on muscles aching from injury or exertion.

Luxury Lotion Large 133 $22.00 This rich cream contains organic sunflower oil and coconut oil to moisturize your skin and beeswax to protect it from the elements. Propolis, another precious bee product, aids in healthy cell growth and is antibacterial.

Luxury Lotion Small 193 $12.00 This hexagon glass jar is a sweet purse sized version of our queen bee's luxury lotion.

Mamas' Belly Balm 136 $16.00 Soft and supple for mama. Contains cocoa butter, coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, beeswax, vitamin E and a custom blend of essential oils.

Natural Bug Spray 163 $10.00 It really works! Natural bug spray with no DEET or any harmful chemicals. Not recommended for pregnant women as cedar can start labour.

Natural Deodorant Bay 236 $12.00 natural deodorant in our popular 'Bay' scent.

Natural Deodorant Woodyard 250 $12.00 use this natural deodorant to channel your inner lumberjack (or jane)

Natural Sun Screen 141 $12.00 This natural sun screen is made with zinc oxide which acts as a physical barrier to the sun. Comes in a handy twist up tube. SPF 30

Ouch Cream 138 $16.00 As good as mama's kisses. Soothing and healing for all of life's bumps, bruises, sores, ouches and insect bites. contains: mullein, comfrey root, calendula flowers steeped in organic sunflower oil with beeswax, propolis and rosemary essential oil.

Queen Bee's Light Lotion Lg. 226 $22.00 The light version of our Queen Bee's Luxury Lotion in a large glass jar.

Queen Bee's Light Lotion Sm. 227 $12.00 The light version of our Queen Bee's Luxury Lotion in a small hexagonal glass jar.

Solid Moisturizer 140 $7.00 The warmth of your skin melts this fragrant golden brick. Contains olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax. Comes wrapped in waxed paper with a parchment label. 2 oz.

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